Four ways winning the David Campbell Trophy will impact your career


In any career, earning an award for one’s abilities in the field can provide a boon for career growth. The David Campbell Trophy certainly fits this description. The winner of the Receptionist of the Year competition can expect new opportunities to emerge. But the award provides more than just bragging rights. The winner, and indeed all of the competitors, gain valuable insights and experiences that can greatly enhance the career path ahead.

Chances to learn from others

Those vying for the David Campbell Trophy represent hoteliers in their country in the area of customer service and business insights in the industry. Their fellow competitors do the same and often demonstrate different perspectives and knowledge bases. Understanding how other receptionists approach the scenarios presented creates learning opportunities that often do not exist within the framework of learning at the person’s regular workplace. Further, the Receptionist of the Year competition allows participants to learn and grow from judges’ comments. Any time someone gets advice and input from industry experts, that person has a chance to expand his or her knowledge exponentially.

Expanded cultural understanding

Beyond the perspective that other hotels’ training provides, the competition gives a chance to see how members of different countries and cultures operate. While many of the hotels represented receive guests from multiple countries, the chance to see how receptionists in the other countries work with guests can create powerful insights into cultural norms. Working with customers from different cultural backgrounds can require, at times, different ways of speaking or acting. Identifying and observing those approaches in action can help a receptionist tailor his or her approaches in new ways.

This becomes even more true for the winner, who travels for the next year’s competition and gains additional opportunities as the public face of the competition for the next year. Winning the Receptionist of the Year competition means a year of learning, growing and evolving in the role, something that can only provide benefits during that time.

Renewed confidence

The Receptionist of the Year competition is daunting. All of the competitors have emerged from a nominating process and national competition, and thus provide a level of polish and competence to be commended and celebrated. To win the David Campbell Trophy provides validation that what the receptionist has learned and put into practice gains approval from the people who understand the position and the requirements the best. Emerging with the award validates training and learning, both formal and informal.

Many of the best receptionists, and in fact the best performers in any career field, work without a great sense of the impact their work has on their customers or co-workers. High achievers always look for ways to improve on what they do, and often dwell on lows rather than appreciating their successes. Winning the Receptionist of the Year competition should give an opportunity to gain confidence that the winner is doing the right things.

Contacts and prestige

Of course, gaining contacts and an industry imprimatur of success almost always benefits a career trajectory. The David Campbell Trophy winner will meet new people and gain powerful industry contacts. He or she will be recognised throughout their country’s hotel industry as the award winner, and gains an inside track toward growth in his or her current hotel or in others in the nation. Winning the Receptionist of the Year competition establishes someone as the best at what he or she does, and opens doors for growth that no one else will have. The career growth available becomes virtually limitless. A quick search on Linkedin reveals a clear career boost for winners. For instance, Paula McMinn, 2015 international winner is now Assistant Front Office Manager at the very prestigious The Savoy, in London, promoted within 2 months of winning the DCT.

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