Why should you present a candidate to the Receptionist of the Year Competition?


The David Campbell Trophy for the Receptionist of the Year offers tremendous opportunities for the candidates, and particularly for the winner of the award. The hotel itself, though, has much to gain. The property gains representation on a big stage for the industry, and can use the winner’s profile for benefits through external promotions and internal staffing needs. Training and preparing the winner creates hotel opportunities that can reverberate through the property for years to come.

Boost the property’s profile

Each country only sends one candidate to compete for the David Campbell Trophy. When a hotel manager identifies a strong candidate, it demonstrates a commitment to excellence and a sense that it takes the competition seriously. And if that hotel produces the winner of the national and international competitions, that commitment is realized in a way the hotel can publicize. The public may not see the competition as it unfolds, but it can recognize the value proposition that the best hotel receptionist in the world provides for the guest experience. This creates advertising opportunities that no other hotel will have, at least for the next year.

Lift hotel competition and morale

Further, nominating a receptionist for the David Campbell Trophy can assist internally at the hotel. Some properties promote internal competitions to determine who the nominee should be. This approach puts everyone on notice that their performance matters, and that the best performer will earn an exciting career opportunity. This encourages friendly competition and brings everyone’s performance level higher.

Part of this approach also involves training for your staff. The teachable moment comes when the managers show team members what they need to demonstrate to earn the opportunity. In turn, the link between training and opportunity helps foster a sense that managers want their team members to improve and succeed. And the competition itself helps the hotel staff develop a camaraderie, a spirit of support that follows the winner while lifting the cooperation and teamwork throughout the hotel. The award winner returning from the international competition with a David Campbell Trophy becomes a source of pride for everyone there.

Finally, the national and international competitions can serve as a job perk for your most qualified and talented staff members. Financial considerations always run counter to the benefits and salaries hotels want to provide for their best employees. Travel for the Receptionist of the Year competition directly acknowledges and rewards excellence in a way few other opportunities could hope to achieve.

Recruiting benefits

A hotel with a happy, coordinated team working there also does better on the recruiting side. No matter how strong the property’s benefits are for the staff, turnover will always be part of the equation that upper management must navigate. Interviewing among engaged, energized staff members elevates the experience a new candidate takes away and gives the hotel an opportunity to gain the best workers the market has to offer.

Employing the award winner also creates a tangible benefit that those hoping to learn and improve can see. A manager who employs the award winner demonstrates that he or she prepares staff members to be the best. This makes recruiting candidates who want to be great at what they do easier.

The David Campbell Trophy goes to the best receptionist emerging from competition. Hotel managers should encourage other properties to nominate great candidates as well, to boost competition and ultimately help hone the national winner for the international experience to come. The hotel that produces the winner stands to gain not only prestige but benefits that carry forward for those on every level in the hotel.

Want to participate? Check the AICR International website for your local section: www.aicr-int.com

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