Dmbook Pro at Hotel Woodstock (Co. Clare, Ireland)


The Hotel Woodstock said goodbye to handover books because with Dmbook Pro it is now online!

We all know that a day in the life of a hotel duty manager is crazily busy from start to finish, right? Not only are you responsible for managing a team of staff across all the many different parts of the business, you are also that front-of-house friendly face that customers will make a beehive for when things don’t quite meet their expectations and demands!

But of course, as anyone who has worked in a hotel management role will know, sometimes it’s neither your staff nor your customers that are your biggest management issue.

Oh no, far from it. Sometimes your biggest headache lies right under your nose. Yes that’s right; the problem we speak of is the dreaded D.M. book (or duty manager book), that unwieldy, bulging handover book that makes the D.M. handover process so onerous and so darn time consuming.

For as long as hotels have existed, this book has pretty much been the sole management tool used by duty managers in hotels right around the world. And though it was, to give it its due, an effective management tool which helped to keep generations of hotel managers on top of their brief (and their staff for that matter), it was nonetheless never designed to be intuitive, or efficient when it came to ensuring that all function of the hotel came together as one.

Until now.

Yes, you see the creation of Dmbook Pro, a new electronic version of the old style Duty Manager Book now allows hotels to completely do away with paper log books, by offering an online, cloud-based alternative which offers all the information you ever require, in real time.

In other words, this means instant online shift handovers and log books (imagine no more lengthy and frustrating handovers?), enabled by a whole host of features which includes live dashboards, instant guests request tracking, and ticket management.

So the question is just how good is it?

Well, we think that Dmbook Pro is going to completely transform the way in which Duty Managers carry out their daily hotel management function and as a result, will help to improve productivity, internal communication and most importantly of all, the service delivery to hotel customers.

But as you’re probably thinking “well, they would say that wouldn’t they!”, you don’t just have to take our word for it because some of our customers have already been pretty bowled over by the way that this simple (honestly, it’s incredibly simple to use!) and yet incredibly intuitive cloud-based system has positively impacted on their business and, by extension, on their customers.

Take Fran Toomey, Operations Manager, Hotel Woodstock, in Co. Clare in Ireland, for example…

Fran is just one example of a very happy customer because, when we asked her what had changed most since she started using the system, her answer was pretty unequivocal:

“Dmbook Pro has helped us improve our communication between departments, by allowing us to store a vast amount of information – all of which is easy to access and update – in just one place. It has definitely cut down on the amount of internal emails that we send!”

And when we asked her if she would recommend it to another hotel, and if so why, she was equally happy that she had brought Dmbook Pro into the hotel:

“Yes, absolutely! I would encourage any hotel to use this system because once you start using it you will never go back. It’ simple to implement, very user friendly, fully customizable and can change in tandem with your ever changing needs. It honestly covers everything from complaints to lost property, from maintenance issues to counting covers. The convenience of being able to see everything on one screen in one place, and the improvement that it has brought about in the area of customer service!”

About the hotel

Situated on the Cliff Coast route of Irelands Wild Atlantic Way, Hotel Woodstock in Ennis is the ideal base to explore many of Irelands natural attractions. “The land is hard, the soul is not” says the Lonely Planet about the Cliff Coast… where ice-age landscapes meet west-coast warmth, and music is a way of life. Surrounded by a stunning parkland championship golf course, our hotel in Ennis is situated in 155 acres of beautiful countryside in the market town of Ennis, Co. Clare. Located within short driving distance of Limerick, Galway and the surfers paradise that is Lahinch, Hotel Woodstock is perfectly situated as you Venture West.

Hotel Woodstock

Number of rooms : 67

Ennis, Co. Clare

+353 (0)65 6899800

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