5 reasons why all hotel staff must become customer service experts


Working in a hotel could be seen as something of a vocation: most people don’t choose a hotel career for the money (because let’s face it, there are easier ways of making better money!), they’re in it because they love what they do.

But yet, if you asked your staff members if they work in customer service, the answer would probably be a definite no – unless, of course, they happen to work at the front desk and their job title happens to contain the words “customer service” within in.

What we’re saying is that, although many hotel staff still believe that because they “only” work in the background (as if there is such a thing) rather than in a direct customer facing role, they have nothing whatsoever to do with customer service or customer satisfaction.

Here are 5 reasons why this is simply no longer true.

1. Hotels are all about the entire experience, not just snippets

Whenever a guest books a hotel, they are booking an experience not just a bed. Every single part of their experience will influence their perception of the hotel and will be the difference between them coming back, or not, recommending it to friends, or not. That’s why every member of staff must be trained to realise that they are part of the customer service team and not merely bystanders looking in on customer service from outside.

2. One bad experience with one member of your staff can undo all the positive experiences

A customer doesn’t care about job titles! So, if they have a problem with anything during the course of their stay, they will simply ask the first member of staff they meet. In other words, it really doesn’t matter if it’s a maintenance guy, a chef wandering down to the kitchen, or a front of house customer service rep: all any customer wants is to have their issues dealt with promptly, so all your staff must be prepared when it comes to dealing with your customers!

3. This is the era of online reviews (and everything about your hotel is being reviewed)

In this digital world where word of mouth is reviews websites which are visible to the world, no hotel can afford to think in terms of job titles when it comes to customer service delivery. Why? Simply because with so much information at our fingertips nowadays, everyone wants everything right now.

And this includes dealing with complaints and issues. All of which means you only have a matter of minutes to address a customer’s issues before that customer take out their phone and promptly tells the world about their bad experience, forgetting completely all the positives of their stay.

4. The modern guest is simply too perceptive, discerning, and observant

Going back to point 3 above, guests in days gone by, were much more easily pleased; much less expectant when it came to finer details, much less observant, and much less used to the concept of staying at a hotel.

But not anymore because now everyone is an expert, everyone has an opinion, and most important of all, everyone now has the power -via that little device in their hand – to give their opinion to a pretty large and wide audience.

As a result, you can be sure that every guest that chooses to stay at your hotel is scrutinising every element of your offering – including the behaviour of every member of staff that they encounter, from a customer service point of view.

And what does this all mean? It means that the smallest slip-up in standards will very quickly be pointed out – and the perception that people have of your hotel may be completely different to the reality.

5. Good customer service empowers and engages staff (and makes for happier customers too!)

Excellent customer service training is the only way to ensure that every member of your team understands that they are as central to the customer service experience as the front desk staff are.

And the thing is, once all staff are taught to understand that customer service is a mandatory part of their role, and are trained accordingly, they invariably become more engaged with the business simply because they feel more valued within the wider team.

As a result, training all your staff to become customer service experts will not just lead to a better overall customer service experience for your guests as soon as a problem arises, it will result in a much better team working environment – which will invariably result in a happier and more productive business.

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