Why first impressions are everything for your hotel


The thing is, in much the same way that a person has a split second to make a positive first impression on others when they first walk into a room, your hotel has only a split second window to make a good first impression on the guest who walks in the front door of your premises for the first time.

And what’s more, just as a group of complete strangers will make their minds up almost instantly – based on nothing but instinct – about whether or not they like someone whom they have never met before, that man who walks into your hotel for the first time will judge your hotel in exactly the same way.


It’s all about perception. That very first impression which your guest will form within the first few seconds of walking in the door of your hotel, will tell them a huge amount about what they can expect from their stay.

Walk in to a dark, dreary, old fashioned lobby and immediately a guest will make assumptions about the hotel, from quality of food, to function room and right through to the staff. However, by the same token, if a guest should walk into a bright, modern, luxurious hotel lobby and be met by surly, sour faced staff with personalities more suited to working on a factory line, then the décor suddenly becomes a whole lot less appealing.

Why? Because hotels are still all about people and service and once these are a let-down, everything else that the hotel has to offer suddenly becomes a whole lot less attractive, no matter how nice it might be in isolation. Ultimately, just like every other service that consumers pay for, hotels are all about perception rather than reality. And rightly or wrongly, all your guests will form a full impression of everything your hotel has to offer, based on those first and incredibly vital few seconds.

How to make win over your customer in those first few seconds

Not every hotel is blessed with a décor that’s to die for, but great hotels are about much more than décor and interior dressings. Sure, these are things that every hotel owner strives for but we’re not all in the luxury market and guests will know better than anyone what’s realistic and what’s not.

However, where the playing field levels out to a great extent is in the area of customer service because customer service is merely an ethos which runs through a hotel’s DNA. To put it simply, you don’t need nice decor to have wonderful customer service and staff who know how to make a guest feel at home in an instant.

No more excuses for bad customer experience

With the launch of Dmbook Pro, the good news is that having great customer service and a brilliantly run hotel have never been more accessible and achievable, no matter what size your hotel happens to be. This handy, sophisticated, and incredibly easy to use internal communication tool offers everything any hotel manager ever needs, and all in real-time.

So, from staff handovers to checklists, from managing lost property to leaking pipes, and from guest request handling to guest information gathering at the point of check-in, there is nothing this tool can’t do when it comes to ensuring that every part of your entire team delivers an amazing customer service every time!

Try it now for yourself and see what it can do for your hotel

So why not make a start on improving your customer service today with Dmbook Pro? It’s simple to use, it allows your entire team to communicate in real time, and it will allow you to deliver an incredible customer service experience throughout your hotel.

Try it FREE for one month at www.dmbook.pro and see for yourself how your hotel operations will be transformed! The result? A first impression always lasts and it can be very difficult to rectify or recover from, a bad one.

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